About St.Ives Footcare Cornwall

Established in 2020 in the heart of a much loved and idyllic town St.Ives. Famous for it’s outstanding beauty, luxurious beaches along with arduous coastal path walks.

I was raised in St.Ives and know, from experience, the impact our feet endure. Discomforts such as that endured by ill fitting shoes or by not wearing shoes fit for purpose, especially for some of the more adventurous walks around our local coastline. Then there is the gradual ageing process, we all go through, which sometimes leads to a limitation in ability for the care and management of our own feet.

With this in mind and with the knowledge of how our feet come to cause us discomfort I know the importance of recognising and taking action to care for, manage and maintain our feet in good order thus preventing further traumas.

I am the only registered Onyfix Practitioner in Cornwall (see HERE for details)

As I so often say

“Healthy Feet are Happy Feet”

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